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Something very new, very different and very good is coming very soon! I`ll let you when  it`s here. ;)

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Saturday, 21 April 2012 22:52
Exhibition in Tallinn 21.09 - 06.10

Paintings, new installations and video

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 18:38
video online now

Here you can watch my video from exhibition Waiting Area

And when I recover data from my old PC then I`ll also post paintings from that exhibition.

Thursday, 04 March 2010 19:45


Found something very cool - - This is a site where people can say anything they want to say to you personally but anonymously. So tell me what you really think about me as said on the page.

And with this idea goes very well - HOT CHIP - READY FOR THE FLOOR -

You can say honestly and anonymously about me or my art here -

Wednesday, 03 March 2010 18:14
Succsessful opening

The opening went well - lots of people came and were amazed. :)  All who visited said that it was one of a kind experience. Exhibition stays opened until 14th of February 2010.


Thanks to Maris we have some great pictures of opening!

Monday, 25 January 2010 21:01
Opening of the exhibition "Waiting Area" on 19th of January

On 19th of January I'll be opening an exhibition "Waiting Area" in cooperation with my course-mates at Tartu Art House (Tartu Kunstimaja) Vanemuise 26, Tartu.

The curator of the exhibition is Jaan Elken. Stay tuned for furthen information.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 08:57

So - HuupI`s homepage has born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And thank you Priit for making it happen!

Saturday, 05 December 2009 23:17
Biography & CV

HuupI was born in Räpina, Estonia. She spent her young years in Maaritsa - south of Estonia and Västila, Koskenkorva, Finland. Now she lives, works, and studies in Tartu, Estonia.

Huupi on Facebook


2008 - 2012 Tartu University, Faculty of Philosophy, M.A. Painting

2005-2008 Tartu Art College, Department of Paintings (Diploma)

2004-2005 Eurouniversity, Fashion Design


2013: Conversations with Offspring, Tallinn University Academic Library, Tallinn

2012: Conversations with Offspring, Draakon Gallery, Tallinn

2012: From Past Life, Academic Library of Tallinn University

2011: Gradual Phenomenons, Eduard Vilde Art Gallery, Tallinn

2009: SHOOT, (with Katrin Paomets), Tasku, Tartu

2008: NAKed, Võru Town Gallery

2008: Night Visitors, Tampere House, Tartu

Selected group-exhibitions

2014: On the other side of border, Valka`s Children Art School, Valka, Latvia

2013: Tartu Artist`s Annual Exhibition, Tartu Art House

2013: Estonian Artists` Association`s Annual Exhibition, Tallinn Art Hall

2013: Naked me, Artist`s House, Pärnu

2012: Bachelor`s and Master`s of Art of Tartu University, Tartu Art House

2011: Love Show, Von Krahl (Tallinn), Genialistide Klubi (Tartu), Kannel (Võru)

2010: Nakatus, Tampere House Tartu

2010: Waiting Area, Tartu Art House

2009: Exhibition of Tartu Artists, Tartu Art House

2009: Existentsialism, Y Gallery, Tartu

2008: Graphical Visions, Tartu Art House

2008: Selection of Tartu University`s and Tartu Art College`s works, Tartu Art Museum

2008: Flight No 2008, Tartu Näitused

2008: Prize Show Lake, Põlva Maarja Gallery

2007: Between Borders, Tartu, Estonia and Bradford, U.K

2006: Everything that glows is gold, Tartu Art House

2005: “MITMIK” Tallinn Art Hall


2009: Gerhard Treubergi and Ene Silla Scholarship, Rotalia Foundation

2005: MITMIK, spezial prize


Since 2008. member of  Tartu Young Authors Society


Tuesday, 24 November 2009 15:54